connect 1 stick

CONNECT1 is the first step people take in getting connected at Grace. As soon as people pull into the parking lot, their connection experience begins. Friendly and welcoming attendants will assist in directing traffic and parking cars.

As people approach the building, there are door holders at each main entrance. The door holders will open the door and joyfully welcome guests into this House. If guests are coming to Grace for their first time, the door greeter will take them to the Welcome Table.

At the Welcome Table, guests will be greeted and given information about Grace. Information will include the availability of childcare during worship, upcoming events, and answers to any other questions guests may have.


As people enter the “Worship Warehouse” they will be greeted by a friendly face as someone hands them a bulletin. Even the bulletins are designed to be welcoming, friendly, and contemporary. Ushers will also be on hand to introduce themselves and help people find seats.


The rest of the CONNECT1 experience lies in the actual worship service. First, people are welcomed by a member of Grace and updated on important announcements.


Then, the worship team will lead the congregation into deeper connection with God through contemporary worship. Our entire worship space, sets, and lighting are all designed to help people relax and open themselves up to connecting with God. Then, the pastor will share a message designed to be relevant and applicable to life today. As the service concludes, people are invited to come forward and allow a pastor or a member of the prayer team to pray over any needs they might have.


The time after the service will be used to fellowship and connect. This time also gives our welcome team another opportunity to meet new people and express our gratefulness for spending their time at Grace.


It is our goal for the Connect1 experience to be so engaging that people will want to proceed through the rest of the Connect4 Process.