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C4 groups are the final step in the Connect4 process. C4 groups can meet in restaurants, parks, or even the church. Although they typically meet outside the church walls, C4 groups will do whatever works best for them. The location of the meeting is not important. What is important is the spiritual growth, personal connections, and discipleship that occur in these groups.


We believe that connecting with other people who are seeking Christ is pivotal to the development of disciples.

Therefore, there is a heavy emphasis on C4 groups because they have been shown to be the most effective at building, encouraging, and refining disciples.


Logistically, C4 groups are made up of no more than eight individuals or six couples.

C4 groups take on several forms: Women; Men; Couples; Young Adults; Service. C4 groups are designed to meet from September to May, and they will meet a minimum of two times a month.


Our C4 groups have a multiplication process

that is intended to create new groups and expand relationships at Grace. From the beginning, each C4 group is designed to multiply. For instance, if a new group with six people begins in September, this group will be prepared to multiply into two groups the following September. Three people from the original group will form a new group and add three new people. The other three people from the original group will do the same. This means that 1 group of 6 people has the capacity to multiply into 2 groups with 12 people total. This creates the potential for building new relationships every year!


Just because a group does not meet anymore does not mean the relationships end

. The relationships made in the group can last forever. The idea of multiplication is to create new relationships with more people. Through multiplication, Connect4 is able to develop more relationships, involve more people in discipleship, and create more leaders for small groups in the future.


C4 groups are built around the principles of accountability, belonging, and care.

Group members offer accountability by making a commitment to the group. Each group member will make group meetings a priority, communicate with leaders and other group members between meetings, prepare for group meetings, and openly share struggles or successes that impact his/her relationship with Christ.


C4 groups promote a sense of belonging.

Members will feel valued, respected, and included in all aspects of the group.


Finally, groups help members feel cared for and able to offer care to others in a safe environment.

Group members will show care and consideration to each other by maintaining confidentiality about personal information shared, praying for group members, communicating regularly with group members, and learning to show love to others through service projects. Through accountability, belonging, and care, group members are able to connect with each other, practice Christian ideals, and invest in the process of discipleship.


Each September, Grace will launch new C4 groups.

This is a prayerful, logistical, and relational process. Connect Pastors pray over all the leaders and names of people who have signed up for C4 and seek God’s guidance on group placements. Connect Pastors work diligently to accommodate the schedules of leaders and group members, but they also put a high priority on placing people in compatible groups where they feel relationships will be balanced.


We are excited about this process, and we hope you will be, too. If you would like more information about any of the information provided here, or if you would like to get involved,

please see Bro. Tommy or the CONNECT Pastors, Katie and Chris Neel.

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