Our vision is simple:

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  • Everyone needs JESUS.

  • The only way to God is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

  • All people exist to glorify God, to be disciples and to create disciples.

  • In approaching the world in the same way Christ did: full of grace and truth.

  • All stand in the need of grace.

  • All life has value and needs the transforming love of Christ.

  • No matter who you are - you are loved - and we want you here at GRACE. 


community• generosity• humility• maturity

We want to be known as a house that: 

  • Loves and lives in authentic COMMUNITY

  • Demonstrates GENEROSITY with all that we have

  • Reflects the HUMILITY of a King who came to serve, not to be served 

  • Grows in spiritual MATURITY so that we might become complete in love and unity