At GRACE, we believe people grow best spiritually when they are connected relationally. Community is one of the core values of this house. God desires unity and connection within His Church, and we strive to create opportunities for you to experience that here. We want everyone to have the chance to be known by someone who will inspire, encourage, and challenge them as they grow in their relationship with Christ. We have a CONNECT process to help make this happen:



As you grow spiritually, we encourage you to participate in our C3 Bible studies. These are open Bible study groups, meaning that you’re welcome to jump in at any time during the study. Each Bible study offers a chance to learn more and meet new people as you continue building relationships within the church.


The last step of the CONNECT process is our C4 groups. These are small groups that meet weekly or bi-weekly throughout the year. Our C4 groups offer a unique chance to experience community at a deep level as you truly give and receive accountability, belonging, and care in your group as you grow together spiritually. Stay tuned here for the next round of C4 sign-ups.


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