At GRACEchurch our kids (infant through 4th grade) experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a fun, creative and relevant way.


It is evident in the Bible that kids have a special place in the heart of Jesus and it is evident at GRACE that we feel the same way. God has blessed our church with a growing congregation that is full of children. We believe God sent these kids to our church for a reason. We believe that we have the responsibility (and the honor) to help teach the kids in our community how to become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

We certainly want to help in teaching your kids how to be disciples but we believe the most effective way is through partnering with the parents. We want to make sure we are working together. Life is tough on kids and they need consistent, positive messages so that they can come to understand the Love of their Creator. We want you to be part of the program. 

HERE’S WHAT TO EXPECT when visiting GcKids for the first time:
First, find the area marked KIDS CHECK-IN. There we will meet your family and check your child into our system. Every child is printed out a name tag that will have a custom number on it that matches the number on the tag that the parents receive. (Keep this tag- you’ll need it to check out your child after the gathering. We do this to keep our kids safe!) Then someone from our GcKids Team will lead your child to their age-appropriate room. After the worship gathering, you’ll go to the room your child was dropped off in and show them your parent tag and sign your child out. We have many members of the GcKids team that are waiting to help you if you need anything!

(Allow about 10 minutes upon checking in for the first time. Every time after that will be quick and simple since you’ll already be in the system.)